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January 27, 2022 00:19:37

Long Live Full Site Editing

After being delayed for more than a month, WordPress 5.9 is here as the first major release of 2022, and it’s a big one that ushers in the era of Full Site Editing. There’s also a new theme, a Block Patterns directory, and lots of features, so let’s dive in! Of-course, you'll also get lots of opinion from me about the direction of WordPress, and a first look at what 6.0 has in store! Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro Get all of the show notes, and a written to be read article over at https://wpreview.io/35 Show Notes What's New with WordPress 5.9 (Full Site Editing!) What you need to know about WordPress 5.9 - Kadence WP What's New in WordPress 5.9 — Full Site Editing, Global Styles, Blocks, Patterns, APIs, UI Enhancements, and Much More WordPress 5.9 Field Guide Customizer Will Disappear for Some Block Theme Users With WordPress 5.9 State of the Customizer with block themes in WordPress 5.9 Preliminary Roadmap for 6.0 (Gutenberg Phase 2) ...


January 20, 2022 00:21:51

Are WordPress-Specific Platforms Viable Products?

Talk to any business owner worth their salt and they'll likely tell you that you need to pick a niche. This can be a niche in a product, like ConvertKit. It could be a niche in a market, like serving single parents who work from home. But lately I've been wondering if a niche near and dear to my heart is a actually a good one, and that's WordPress. Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro Get all of the show notes and a transcript at https://wpreview.io/34. Subscribe at https://wpreview.io/subscribe Show Notes Owning Our Own Platform and Responding to WordPress Hit Pieces - WP Review About WP101 - the premier WordPress tutorial series for beginners. Educational WordPress Episode 2: Justin Ferriman & LearnDash How to Do Market Research: A Guide and Template A Comprehensive Guide to Market Research: 4 Proven Methods | Hotjar Blog NoFilter.fm ...


January 13, 2022 00:20:07

How Should the WordPress Open Source Project Support Contributors?

They say no good deed goes unpunished. Recently in the WordPress space, perhaps even the wider open source space, there's been a lot of discussion about that. Is contributing to WordPress worth it? In December Matt Mullenweg asked us to give Five for the Future. He talked about the Tragedy of the Commons. But who is really contributing to open source? And how do we make sure people who do contribute don't feel like their good deed results in punishment? Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro. Read the blog post and get all the show notes at https://wpreview.io/33/ Show Notes Open Source Considered Harmful - MOR10 Post Status Daniel Schutzsmith (he/him) on Twitter Dev corrupts NPM libs 'colors' and 'faker' breaking thousands of apps Yoast Moves Outside of Open Source Platforms to Launch SEO App for Shopify Five for the Future ...



January 06, 2022 00:16:01

Want to Grow Your Business in 2022? Don't Target WordPress People

Last week I asked you how you will use WordPress in 2022…as in, how will WordPress serve you? This week I want to talk about what you can do to grow your WordPress business. If you’ve read the title of this episode, you already know what I’m going to say: don’t target WordPress people…or put differently, don’t target people just like you. Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro Show Notes The WP Minute 5.9 RC 1 Out WordPress 5.9 to Fix Lazy Loading Performance Regression, Resulting in 30% Faster Page Loads in Some Cases Join the Mailing List Get Full Transcript and Notes at https://wpreview.io/32 ...



December 29, 2021 00:18:14

How Will You Use WordPress in 2022?

As we reflect on 2021 and prepare for 2022, I want to pose a question to you: What will you use WordPress for in 2022? The mission of this show in 2022 is helping small business owners in the WordPress space grow beyond the WordPress space.  And as much as we should serve our WordPress community, WordPress needs to serve us. So I'm posing the question again: what will you use WordPress for in 2022? Plus, my picks of the year. Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro Links Theme: Kadence / Kadence Blocks Plugin: Automator Service: RSS (Feedbin, specifically) App (as related to WordPress): Ulysses Newsletter: Post Status Podcast: WP Builds Note: A previous version of this episode refers to Uncanny Automator as a competitor. The audio has been updated with the correct references. ...



December 15, 2021 00:15:01

The way to learn WordPress is not by contributing.

Yesterday, Matt Mullenweg gave his annual State of the Word speech, where he covered everything that has happened in WordPress this year, and what we can expect moving forward. As always, he extolled the virtues of open source and the importance of contributing. He spent several minutes on Five for the Future, a program encouraging companies who make money with WordPress to give 5% of their time to the open source project. And while I strongly recommend contributing, I don't think it's the path someone should take when they first learn. Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro Show Notes Read the article on Casabona.org WP Learning Paths State of the Word 2021 - The WP Minute GoDaddy's State of the Word 2021 Recap Five for the Future ...