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December 29, 2021 00:18:14
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How Will You Use WordPress in 2022?

As we reflect on 2021 and prepare for 2022, I want to pose a question to you: What will you use WordPress for in 2022? The mission of this show in 2022 is helping small business owners in the WordPress space grow beyond the WordPress space.  And as much as we should serve our WordPress community, WordPress needs to serve us. So I'm posing the question again: what will you use WordPress for in 2022? Plus, my picks of the year. Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro Links Theme: Kadence / Kadence Blocks Plugin: Automator Service: RSS (Feedbin, specifically) App (as related to WordPress): Ulysses Newsletter: Post Status Podcast: WP Builds Note: A previous version of this episode refers to Uncanny Automator as a competitor. The audio has been updated with the correct references. ...



December 15, 2021 00:15:01
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The way to learn WordPress is not by contributing.

Yesterday, Matt Mullenweg gave his annual State of the Word speech, where he covered everything that has happened in WordPress this year, and what we can expect moving forward. As always, he extolled the virtues of open source and the importance of contributing. He spent several minutes on Five for the Future, a program encouraging companies who make money with WordPress to give 5% of their time to the open source project. And while I strongly recommend contributing, I don't think it's the path someone should take when they first learn. Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro Show Notes Read the article on Casabona.org WP Learning Paths State of the Word 2021 - The WP Minute GoDaddy's State of the Word 2021 Recap Five for the Future ...



December 04, 2021 00:26:39
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How is Software Different from Jeans (Or Why You Should Pay for Good Work)

I often find myself wondering how many people expect jeans to last a lifetime. There's no disclaimer on jeans saying you need to buy more...but it's understood that every year we need to continue to pay for the privilege of wearing pants in public. In today's episode, I ask why it's so hard for people in the WordPress space to think the same thing of software. See, Delicious Brains caused quite an incident when they asked their lifetime subscriptions to consider switching to annual to continue supporting development. Then a certain YouTuber found this to be so offensive that he had to fuel the fire...a missed opportunity in helping WordPress users see what good value to dollar ratios look like. Well, I'm not going to miss that opportunity. Show Notes WordPress 5.9 Revised Release Date Confirmed for January 25, 2022 State of the Word 2021 Will Be Broadcast Live from New York City on December 14 ACF Solicits Lifetime License Holders for Contributions, Urging Them to Purchase Annual Subscriptions On Buying Jeans and App Subscriptions - Joe Casabona Why Not Wanting to Pay for Software is Holding Your Business Back – How I Built It WordPress, the multi-billion dollar software industry that has us begging for money - The WP Minute Sitewide Sales: WordPress Sale Design and Reporting Tool Create Consistent Content, Make Money, and Get Sales | Creator Crew A Podcast to Help You Leverage Tech - How I Built It ...



November 12, 2021 00:31:11
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The Simplest Solution

What's up with all of the acquisitions? What are we even doing in the WordPress community? How much of a say do we really have on the open source project? These are big questions, but as my friend William of Occam said, ""entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity." Or as it's often (but maybe incorrectly?) paraphrased, "The simplest solution is often the best solution."  But whether or not that's actually the principle behind Occam's Razor, it's still a good one. And that helps us answer the above questions, on this week's WP Review. Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro Get all of the show notes at https://wpreview.io/028 Get even more great content by joining the Build Something Club ...



October 28, 2021 00:23:49
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What's Up with the Block Editor?

There's been a lot of news around Gutenberg and the block editor as we barrel towards the November 9th feature freeze. Plus, are we getting the whole story of why the block editor exists and what it's supposed to do?  Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro Get all of the show notes at https://wpreview.io/027 Get even more great content by joining the Build Something Club ...



October 14, 2021 00:23:43
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Owning Our Own Platform and Responding to WordPress Hit Pieces

Last week’s Facebook outage brought an onslaught of platitudes from people talking about how terrible Facebook is, and how you should own your own platform. But even as a developer myself, my thoughts are a little different. Plus, how we should react to WordPress "hit pieces."   Brought to you by GoDaddy Pro   Links The Next Web Publishes Storyblok-Sponsored Hit Piece on WordPress (WP Tavern) Introducing Twenty Twenty-Two (Make.WordPress) Notion getting a "Page Builder?" (David Bisset) Do we REALLY Need to Own Our Platform? BlockMeister Page Builder Summit Join the Build Something Club ...