Introducing WordPress: Year in Review (Bonus Series)

October 24, 2020 00:07:05
Introducing WordPress: Year in Review (Bonus Series)
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Introducing WordPress: Year in Review (Bonus Series)

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Joe Casabona

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With WordCamp US 2020 cancelling its virtual event, and many other WordCamps not happening now through 2021, the WordPress community needs something to help fill the void. WordPress: Year in Review is designed do to just that. In this podcast mini series, you'll get insights into the WordPress community and how it's changed and responded to the global pandemic.

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One of the biggest changes in the WordPress community, when the global pandemic hit, was a big reduction in events in general. In-person events have been canceled for all of 2020, and for part of 2021, at least. So all in-person events have been canceled and many that would have happened in person opted not to record or do a virtual event. Now, I remember in March, which felt so so long ago, the first big effect that the pandemic had on me was I was supposed to speak at WordCamp Lancaster, the weekend that the government announced the seriousness of this virus. And, basically, all states or most states I should say, started limiting the number of people gathering, encouraging people to stay at home. WordCamp Lancaster had canceled their event the night before all of that. And so that was the first WordCamp I was supposed to go to for the year and I ended up not going to it. Actually, my last speaking event was that night when everything was announced at my high school. I talked to the English honor society about storytelling no matter what profession you’re in. And it was, it was a little bit poignant for me, not to wax poetic too much, but I love going to these events. I knew that I wouldn’t be going to any, maybe, starting in mid June because my son was born in July and I just, I don’t like to travel for the first few months of my children’s lives. I want to be there to help my wife. And now we have to and things like that. So I knew I wouldn’t be traveling much. I didn’t think I wouldn’t be traveling at all. And I love WordCamps, because I love seeing people in the community, I love interacting with new users, and speaking, and sharing my knowledge. And I felt a void in the community. And then when WordCamp US announced that they were going to completely cancel their event, not just cancel the in-person events, but cancel the entire event, I wanted to do something. I wanted to help fill the void of content and community feeling, or that feeling of community I should say. And so I decided to launch ‘WordPress a Year in Review’. And while this can’t replace WordCamps, my goal is to put out helpful information, tutorials, and just an ebook about all things about WordPress that you might find at a WordCamp. And so while this is a multi-faceted content project that includes an ebook and video tutorial series, it also includes this podcast, an interview series that I’m doing as kind of a sub-series of my main podcast, How I Built It. So you are finding this in the main, How I Built It feed as a bonus episode. But all of these episodes will also be over at []. So what can you expect from this podcast series? Well, there are three episodes coming up that highlight some of the WordCamp speakers. Now, this was…I encouraged people to apply. And if, you know, verifying that they actually applied to WordCamp US 2020, I had them on the show just to give maybe a 10,000 foot overview, right. An overview of the talk that they were going to give. And so the first episode is dropping in the next week. That will be the user track. So there will be three people talking about things that could help users. The next episode will be the business track. So that’ll be three speakers who would have talked about ways that you can fix or help improve your business. And then finally, the Dev track, which will be three developers talking about Developer things. And so I’m excited to share those with you. After that, I don’t want just this to be just a four-episode run. My goal is between eight and 10 episodes. you know, try to take us to the end of the year. So I’ll also be talking to Ulash Brook about the learn WordPress platform, something that came out of the pandemic and something that is not designed to replace WordCamps but to help supplement them and teach people WordPress without these in-person events. I want to have a sponsor spotlight cause I have a couple of sponsors, Nexcess and GoDaddy Pro who are helping fund this project along with the community. And so I want to ask them basically how the pandemic has affected them. They are both big supporters of the WordPress community, and I believe they’re both global WordCamp sponsors. So I want to talk to them. And then there’s a little, some, there are a few other episodes planned with those are the ones I have booked. So definitely stay tuned. Subscribe. You can find all of the details over at []. And if you have any WordPress-related news, anything you’d like to hear about this as a WordPress-specific series that I’m working on here, let me know. You can write to me at, or you can fill out the contact form over at []. So stay tuned. I’m really excited about this series. And you know, until next time, and get out there, and build something.

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